Cerchi delle streghe (or fairy circles)

     Visual research centred on the circle design started from the phenomenon of the "fairy rings" caused by an individual fungus growing underground.
Black and white fanzine on recycled paper.

On going


     Speculative design installation for Mira Festival 2022, Barcelona (Spain) together with the Institute for Postnatural Studies.

“Business card for no business”

I came into the world breaking my mum’s ribs and I guess that’s how designers are born.
Personal business card.

Urban Climate Oasis

    Installation at Human Technopole Campus, Palazzo Italia Milan (Italy) in partnership with S+T+ARTS Regional Center: MEET – Digital Culture Center.
Assistant project together with Arc. Markus Jeschaunig.

In Simultanea

     Site specific installation developed for the collective exhibition “Later Came Early” at Fabrica Research Center (Treviso, Italy), that explores the concept of “simultaneous time”, through an investigative and thoughtful approach.